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National soccer teams

This section shows for every national soccer team playing in different editions of world cup soccer: final position (victory of world cup soccer, semifinal, fourth of ending, eliminatory rounds ...), points, wins, draws, loses, goals for and the scores against.
By selecting a specific edition of world cup soccer you can obtained the results of the football matches played by national soccer team in the selected edition.

By selecting a NATIONAL SOCCER TEAM within all the soccer teams that played in all the editions of the world cup soccer from cascading menu, you'll see in the WORLD CUP SOCCER menu all the editions in which the national soccer team selected played. If you click on the button you can see final postion gained and the number of played matched, wins, loses, draws, marked scores and suffered goals in the various editions of soccer world cup.
By selecting a specific SOCCER WORLD CUP you will get all the soccer matches played in that edition and the results gained.
If you click on ALL MATCHES at the SOCCER WORLD CUP you can see a list of all the football matches played by the selected national team grouped by every world cup edition.
Finally if you click on the single SOCCER MATCH you can see the scoreboard: that is the detail of the soccer match with scorer, penalties, owngoals and minutes when the scores have been realized.
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